Jordan Belfort Interview: 4 Ways to Achieve Success

Jordan Belfort

That’s right, it’s the Wolf of Wall Street one and only Jordan Belfort. Reading his book and closely studying Jordan Belfort interview I can see that this guy is true legend. Since he was 8 years old he started delivering papers, when he was 12 years old he was shoveling driveways after snow storms in New York and at 16 he was selling ice on the beach blanket to blanket and so on and so on. He attended to dentist school only for one day, because he knew he was born salesman even in his mother womb, he was only waiting to grow and strengthen the skills of selling.FRO50e49e_Belfort

Watching his motivational interview and perceiving his Senior Datum he was presenting, I was just laughing from happiness and I taught: This is the guy that I need to follow! After becoming salesman he discovered his actual dominion that was training and motivating other people to become successful salesman. They only need to have very tiny desire to become salesman and he could make them rich and fully motivated.

By the tone of his voice, his grimaces, his unconscious body language you know that he firmly believe in his speech. That is the power of salesman. Even if he sells you pile of s**t he is going to make you believe its brownish fluid diamond!

There are 4 things that you have to do become wildly successful in any field. It doesn’t matter, either its money, spirituality, relationships, in love, in community, contribution or simply anything. The real “Wolf of Wall Street” was doing these four things at the highest possible level at his firm and he didn’t even know what he was doing. He was doing so called unconscious strategy. Even thou these are his words, but have you ever did something so well you didn’t even know how you were doing it? It is like you are presenting something in front of a crowd which you totally “nail” and you even whisper to yourself: “Oh I’m so good at this”!

Let’s go with the bottom line. The first mistake most people make (also my own mistake) is to be goal oriented. Goals are OK, but there are far more important things than goals, and that my friends are VISIONS.

1. Vision

“The ability to create clear and compelling vision for the future”. Vision for the future is a MUST. You see things as they are, but not worse than they are which is what lot of people do. They say it’s so terrible and tell themselves lousy stories why they can’t take action and the story they tell it’s exactly the thing that holds them back from being successful. It’s the exact bulls**t story that stops them from acting. The thing we need to do which helped me BIG TIME is see things as they are, not worst as they are and then SEE them better than they are and MAKE them that way.Vision

“There is no amount of poverty that you can have in your life that can make one of the people wealthy, there is no amount of misery you can have in your life that can make one person happy, and there is no amount of sickness in your life that can make one person happy. So if you want to make this world happier, healthier, wealthier place than get as much of those gifts to yourself and spread them around”

Making money is really easy (Belfort laughing very self-confident) what’s harder thou is fulfillment. Money is just part of the equation.

You see things better than they are and you make them that way. The ways you do that is actually when you set a goal you got to get step into that goal and start to visualize. You have to taste it, touch it, and feel it. It’s not all about to think “when I get there I will be rich”, but what’s my world going to be like, how it’s going to impact the people that I love, my parents, my children, my close friends. People have misconception. They say “If I have money I will have less time for my family” that’s nonsense, you will have more time for your family, you will secure the future of your family, and even the future of your grandchildren.

2. The ability to manage your state

The ability to manage your state is the way you feel at the moment, your emotional and your physiological state. We all have days when we feel kind of broken in the emotional state and we keep saying “I can’t believe I said that, I can’t believe I did that I am such a fool”. Next day we are stabilized with the similar situation and weleader-self-management say to ourselves “I can’t believe I did that good, it was the right thing to say and I did good job”. One day we are brilliant next day the same situation and we are brutal. That’s not talent that’s not ability that’s the state we are in so the key to success is not to just to have a vision, but to manage the way we feel at the moment.

We have 3C states to master in case to bring-about the best.

Certainty – means firm conviction that something is the case. Just to be certain in what you are doing

Clarity – to be clear and to be overwhelmed

Courage – you might not all the time

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